Reply To: Diet – Farts Smell and Bloating

My suggestion on dosing Testosterone is to move to more frequent injections. Let's say you take 1 ML and break that down over the course of EOD (Every Other Day) injections. Or let's just say Mon, Wed, Fri. So you'd do about 1/3 of 1 ML every other day. Now nobody wants to stick themselves with a 1.5 inch needle three times a week. I suggest you use insulin needles and back fill them with a standard drawing needle. The reason you're getting oily skin, a red face, and zits is because you're flooding your system with Test. More frequent injections will stabilize your blood levels. I've moved to daily injections and I haven't touched an AI or HCG in a couple of weeks. I could NEVER have done that before. Here's a video I did on Innovative Injection Techniques:

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