Reply To: Need A Legitimate Source for Steroids

Your right, so much BS out there, I tried a order of some cyp and EQ for the main purpose of testing from napsgear. It's been sitting at the border in Malaysia for over a month, prob won't even come but was curious in testing. Worst case scenario I'm out a couple hundred bucks. I also order from my main source who had been nothing but spot in over the years I will keep everyone updated on napsgear but I suggest staying away. Everything on eroids and s Sites like that seem to be shady as allot of the sponsors seem like they may pulling some shanagians or paying for reviews. Just my thoughts and experience from well underdosed or bunk gear. I'm also convinced that a lot of newer guys have a placebo effect and are convinced their gear is real or dosed right when it's not.... best way to do it is just give bloods it's cheap enough to do nowadays.

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