Reply To: Need A Legitimate Source for Steroids

I’m super curious of atlas products authenticity myself. He seemed like a super cool dude. Even sent me a blend of test/Deca/tren to trial after I declined. Was polite and quick to respond. I was stoked and dropped a fair sum of cash with him. That all being said, I’m on trt. I stopped my pharmacy grade and began a test n Deca cycle about 3 weeks ago. Of course it’s early but so far my sex drive has gone down not up, and I’ve actually lost weight not gained any. Feel worse in general. Had some awful insomnia and night sweats which is a sign of andropause afaik. Even though this is all anecdotal I’m becoming concerned. Close to starting back on the trt dosing. Was waiting to hear what Cody had to say before I made that call.

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