Reply To: Need A Legitimate Source for Steroids

    I mean, I’m try to remain unbiased when looking for good sources. My good friend that gave me the connection definitely has a pro bodybuilder physique. Whatever he is using (XT Labs) is very much all I can ask for lol. I’m getting those bloods done in 3 weeks and we will see how it all looks. Like I said, a guy who placed top 8 at the Arnold classic uses this same exact source. I don’t want to release his name for obvious reasons. All in all, it just helps me have a bit of peace of mind. If top tier guys like them are using this stuff, I might as well give them a shot too ya know? I’m a week in now and my muscles feel fuller, I’m horny as a fucking dog (more than I have ever been), I’m getting really nice pumps and my recovery time is hugely improved. A lot of people fake the hell out of XT labs stuff. From what I know, they manufacture the stuff in Germany (says so on the package/site) and then they distribute to Mexico so it can be easily accessed to the USA. We will know in a couple weeks if it’s legit. If it’s not, I’ll go back to the drawing board and find another source. I just don’t think my friend who has been running this gear for 4 years now would lead me wrong. We went to high school and played football together. I will keep you guys updated. This tab is open in my browser to make sure I do not forget.

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