Reply To: Need A Legitimate Source for Steroids

You would think that someone industrious and entrepreneurial with knowledge of sourcing pure AAS raws would create a fool proof US domestic steroid source. There are so many fake labs out there and they are all BOUND to get shit reviews. If ONE single source out there would just sell legit dosed/pharmacy grade gear, that person(s) would put all these other companies out of business. There’s a real need in this industry for a legit source in the US. As users, we will gladly pay the price for high quality gear. There’s got to be a way to structure a business plan to limit the risk of getting busted by the police/DEA. I don’t think this is too much to ask for in the year 2020. The technology is available, the crypto currencies are available and the knowledge/foundation has been set. Someone just has to take the ball and run with it. At the moment, the best sources I have seen are XT Labs and I’m sure there are others but these are the two that we can trust somewhat. I’m using XT labs right now. I just started my cycle yesterday and I have bookmarked this thread to post an update in a few weeks. I’m running TBol 30mgs/day and Test E 450/week. Sam, we eternally appreciate you for the work you do. This thread is a great place for smart users to come and discuss great and SAFE sources. People like you are what makes the industry safer and more accessible. Thank you for that, Sam.

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