Reply To: Need A Legitimate Source for Steroids

Hi. I am a reputable domestic UGL provider. Currently have a limited variety of products which serve the majority of my customers needs. I accept crypto only: BTC, ETH Minimum order $300 for first time clients We are a private source and do not accept new clients without referral from an existing customer. Currently open to accept new clients until November 11, 2019 Best Regards, Jacob Send order requests to my email and I will provide further directions to complete your order. Thanks! =============== Test E | 300mg/ml (10ml)| $70 Test Cyp | 250mg/ml (10ml)| $60 Test Prop | 100mg/ml (10ml)| $40 Tren Ace | 100mg/ml (10ml)| $80 Tren E | 200mg/ml (10ml)| $120 Deca Durabolin | 300mg/ml (10ml)| $90 Mast Prop | 100mg/ml (10ml)| $80 Mast E | 200mg/ml (10ml)| $100 EQ | 300mg/ml (10ml)| $80 Sustanon | 300mg/ml (10ml)| $80

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