Reply To: can I start working out right away?

Thanks for the reply Kevin. I was very fortunate that Andre got in touch with me and gave me guidance on this soon after my original post. Very happy with my communications with Viking... As far as goals for my body, just trying to get back to what I was. Lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time (60 to 70 lbs), yet gained a lot of fat (waist from 30 to 33/34). Came to the conclusion that my hormones must've crashed along with some location situations during that time. This was due to the VA and civilian hospitals/doctors telling me that every test conducted showed I was healthy. Another thing they agreed was regardless of why the weight was lost, I should be happy because I'm in the proper window for BMI for my age group. Not trying to be lean athletic nor a bodybuilder - either isn't my genetic makeup anyways. Just my attempt to get back to normal...body and everything else. Hope you're able to get to your goals soon. Good luck

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