Reply To: Clean eating and drinking

Duane, Tell us a little bit about your body composition and your daily diet routine. Also The kind of food you’re used to eating now? And your goals. The reason I ask is because when I first started I was so addicted to carbs that I could not stop eating carbs and sugar and just start eating healthy. Also I usually suggest people try to clean up their diet one step at a time because for a lot of people that’s the only way to sustain it. What I mean by that is you may be able to go for five days and be doing good at the same time your body is suffering your hunger is through the roof your desire for sugar and bread is driving you crazy because your body is so used to having those things that one day you just completely fall off the bandwagon. And every day you try to do it you’re miserable. That’s the way it was for me I literally would get up at two in the morning and go down and raid The pantry looking for carbohydrates. I would do good but when I came to the middle of the night I didn’t care I just gave into my cravings. So what I would suggest to you is baby steps. Maybe each week to give up something and add something to your diet. Like maybe this week start off by just drinking only coffee and water. If you drink soda or sugar beverages give them up that will be a great start and help your blood sugar tremendously. Then the following week you can add something else. That way it is sustainable. The following week I would give up bread and sugar. The following week try to stop all processed foods... And so on...

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