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I personally take HCG twice a week around 500 to 600mcg I’ve looked online at reviews and studies and at this dosage and using only twice a week your body does not build up a tolerance. I also take Cabergoline 200mcg twice a week on the same days Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cabergoline: The medication reduces the secretion of prolactin providing a possibility to raise the amounts of testosterone produced. It helps to prevent gynecomastia in males administering steroids. Besides, it diminishes the harmful effects of anabolics, especially low sex drive, and erection troubles. Due to the connection between Cabergoline and testosterone increase, men, administering the drug, get sexually excited much faster. Their libido is high and the probability of experiencing any troubles with an erection is close to zero. Besides, the refractory period in men gets very short or even absent. Hence, they may experience multiple orgasms with ejaculation within short time periods. In addition, the drug promotes a deep and calm night sleep, which is also useful for testosterone production. Some bodybuilders claim that the remedy improves the memory and increases durability during training. Between HCG and Cabergoline it brings me back to my golden years!

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